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ProSoft believes in empowering world changers.

Our passion and commitment is to help those who help others be more effective. Our clients have challenging reporting and budgeting needs. Our staff will draw on decades of nonprofit, government and faith-based organization experience as CPA’s, CFO’s, technology professionals and consultants to help you implement fully-integrated fund accounting systems that will serve you long term, addressing your comprehensive needs.

Fund Accounting Software Solutions

Financial Software Solutions tailored to address Your specific needs

We provide true fund accounting, payroll, human resources, timekeeping, procurement, expense reimbursements, and much more. Our systems are customized to address your specific needs in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

In a recent survey, our clients highlighted the top things they like about our solutions including: “comprehensive functionality, easy to use, extensive reporting, strong integration, excellent US based support” and more.

Deployment & Payment Options

You Choose…

Cloud or On-Premise or Hosted

Software as a Service (SaaS) pricing, Purchase the Software or Lease

You have your own goals and needs; we work with you to provide multiple options as to how you desire to access your system. You have the choice of cloud-based, server-based or private cloud systems…whatever best fits your goals. Also, you choose how you want to pay for your system… SaaS pricing, purchase the software or lease it.

Services & Support

As you know, the best software will not serve you well unless it is custom-designed and set up properly. This can never be accomplished without professionals with extensive experience, first learning what your unique needs are: what cost centers to budget and report on, how your grants work and what compliance information you need, your specific processes, how you manage programs and projects, specific reports you need…the list goes on. Once we have clearly defined your needs, we then set up, design and walk you through a custom implementation of your unique system that will work for you long term. We guarantee our services.

Excellent U.S. based support is critical to organizations using any intricate software system. We receive calls frequently from organizations needing to change systems that are using other systems where they either have no support or inadequate support. We design and implement systems correctly initially that require extremely limited support…but when you need it, U. S. based support is there. Unlimited 800 support, web-based support, online & on-demand documentation and customized support is available should you ever need it. Further, you automatically receive ongoing updates and significant upgrades to your system, keeping it current and running properly.


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