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Fund Accounting

Thousands of nonprofits, government agencies and faith-based ministries have used the MIP Fund accounting system for the past 35 years.  It is the most comprehensive, fully-integrated fund accounting system available.  With significant investment in ongoing development, that means you benefit from enhanced functionality and current technology.  We provide comprehensive fund accounting, extensive human management, full procurement, and much more.  You choose how you want it deployed (cloud, on-premise, hosted), and how you would like to pay for it (SaaS, purchase, lease).


A few of the key elements of this true fund accounting system include:

  • Comprehensive functionality including:

    -fund accounting,

    -integrated budgeting,

    -payroll, human resource, employee self-service & timekeeping

    -procurement including EReq with workflow, PO’s, & inventory


  • Automated cost distribution and allocation

  • Extensive, fully-integrated reporting (not 3rd party add-on software)

  • Totally flexible Chart of Account structure

  • You choose how you want to pay for the system:

    -Purchase the Software

    -Software as a Service (SaaS), you pay a monthly fee that includes the use of the software, support & maintenance

  • How do you want your system delivered…you choose?

    -In the cloud

    -On your own server

    -Private Cloud or Hosted

A few of the keys that establish this as the superior, true fund accounting system include concepts like:  fully-integrated, complete flexibility in structure, comprehensive reporting from within the system instead of a 3rd party report-writer, reporting by any time-period & cost center, freedom as to how you want to deploy & pay for the system and seasoned nonprofit professionals managing your project. Please let us know if you have questions or would like to learn more about how the system works.