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How do you set up a Plan Option in Benefits with the Sage 100 Fund Accounting System?  Come back next Monday for HR Part 2 to learn how a Benefit Plan should be created and set-up in the Human Resource Management Module.

1. Define the Plan Options in the Code Table.

Plan Options are set up in the Code Table

Maintain>Code Table

1 1






Or Use the HR Codes Button

1 2






The Code Table is a list of default system code tables available for use on the Details tabs.

The available Benefit Code tables for Option Plans are

  • AD&D Plan Options
  • Dental Plan Options
  • Health Plan Options
  • Life Plan Options
  • Other Plan Options
  • Retirement Plan Options
  • Vision Plan Options

Choose one of these tables to edit the choices for that Plan Option.


The table chosen here is Health Plan Options. The choices EC, EO, ES, FM may be edited and deleted. You may also add to the table.

1 3





These choices will then be the choices for the Rate Table Tab for the Benefit plan. Be sure to Save.

2. Set up The Benefit Plan

Select Benefit Plans.

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On the General tab, select the Benefit Code (This was defined in the Payroll Module). Select the Benefit Type. The Benefit Type choices will be the same choices available in the code tables.

  • Plan Options are used only for Amount on Timesheet calculations so be sure the Percent of Earnings on Timesheet is not checked. (Percent of Earnings on Timesheet is checked by default IF you have chosen Percent on Timesheet in the Payroll module.) If you are using Percent on Timesheet, you will not use Plan Options.
  • Check the Use Plan Options box.
  • Save

1 5








3. Enter those Options on the Rate Table for the Benefit Plan. These options must be typed in and must match the options entered in the Code Table in step 1.

1 6



4. Enter the Benefit Plan for the Employee. Select Details. Select the Benefit Plans tab and then select an employee.

1 7




5. Add a Benefit Plan to the employee.

1 8




6. Enter the Plan Options. The Plan Options will be available in a drop-down box if you have entered the correct option codes on the Rate Table for the Benefit Plan. Save.

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