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Payroll, Human Resources, Timesheets & Employee Web Services

Organizations like yours often want to manage their own Human Management system, including Payroll, Human Resources, Benefits Management, Employee Web Services, Timesheets, etc.  We understand how critical it is for this to be fully integrated instead of having a cluster of third party systems.  These tools are available for both our on-premise and cloud-based systems.

Below are some of the features the system provides.

  • Payroll:

    -Fully-integrated with the accounting system,

    -Automated cost allocation by employee or type employee,

    -Extensive reporting

    -Federal & State tax form preparation for with electronic filing

    -Efficient, automated payroll processing

    -Direct deposit option

    -Manages & calculates leave

    -Ongoing, automated federal & state tax table updates

  • Human Resources:

    -Maintains employee history

    -Automates & manages leave, benefits & default timesheets

    -Integrates with optional training & recruiting tools

    -Extensive HR reports and forms

    -ACA compliant

    -Automated benefits enrollment option with workflow, enrollment, etc.

  • Timesheets & Employee Web Services:

    -Multiple types of time entry and scheduling

    -Workflow approval of time

    -Employee access to W-2’s, paystubs, change request, leave request, documents, etc.

In order to comply with federal, state and funding compliance requirements, organizations must have strong controls, processes and excellent reporting capability.  This is accomplished in a fully integrated system, far superior than a cluster of multiple third party applications.  Please let us know if you have questions or would like to learn more about how the system works.