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Procurement with EReq, PO, Workflow & Inventory

Automation of requisitions, purchase orders, check request, encumbrances, employee expense reimbursement and inventory with workflow approval is important to many organizations.  Once these actions have gone through the proper electronic approval process, they seamlessly flow to accounts payable to be paid.

A few of the key elements of this procurement and requisition system include:


  • Comprehensive functionality including automated, electronic:


    -Check Request

    -Purchase Orders


    -Inventory management

  • System features include:

    -Web-based or server-based requisitions by non-accounting & accounting staff

    -Real-time, integrated budget control & alerts

    -Audit control

    -Documentation flows from the request all the way to accounts payable

    -Automated, customizable and documented work-flow approval

    -Email notification of request of approval with routing or auto-replies

    -Extensive reporting and analysis by cost center, users, vendors, items, etc.

As you can see, an automated procurement systems like this for organizations establishes strong controls, excellent processes and provides on-demand information needed to help manage your organization.  Please let us know if you have questions or would like to learn more about how the system works.