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Abila, the leading provider of software and services to associations and nonprofits, has named ProSoft Solutions as its number one partner in 2014.  This partnership has provided countless non-profit organizations with the most intuitive financial accounting system available.

In the world of Non-Profits, hard work, dedication and passion characterize organizations that aim to help others build a better future. This same passion can be found in the companies that build the mechanisms that help non-profits run efficiently and effectively. The success of ProSoft Solutions in the 2014 year has, in part, been due to the passion of a company that loves helping those that help others.

C.E.O. and founder of ProSoft Solutions, Glenn Stephens, has worked with non-profit organizations for over two decades, and prides himself in the way he can help organizations build a financial system that supports their unique needs.

“I have been committed to working with non-profits for over 20 years because I love what our clients do.  I am constantly amazed and thankful for all our clients do to help others and I feel honored to be a small part of helping with that,” Stephens said.

In order to meet the needs of as many people as possible, non-profit organizations must push to continually adapt to the dynamic needs of the individuals they serve. On the administrative level of these organizations, having the right accounting software to allocate resources properly can mean a lot. The uniqueness of each non- profit organization necessitates an accounting system that is malleable to the broad list of non- profit needs.

It is important to understand the diversity of each non-profit organization to help build the groundwork that keeps them moving where they need to go. In the area of financial systems, this means creating a complimentary system to match with each individual organization through complete customization.

The customization of Abila’s fundraising and accounting system allows ProSoft Solutions to communicate with each non-profit to build the best, most unique, accounting system for each organization.

“We always focus on each nonprofits unique needs.  Once we clearly understand those, our goal is to focus on the most efficient way to address all of those unique needs.  My advice is to define where you are headed, determine what tools are needed to help ensure success and carefully design your systems to empower you to accomplish your goals,” Stephens said.

Every day, non-profit organizations work hard to support those that need it most, to build a better future, and to contribute to their communities. The passion behind each organization is made possible day to day by many dedicated and hard working people. ProSoft Solutions acknowledges the hard work of each individual, and works to keep each non-profit accounting system as functional as possible.

“This is not a job for us, but it is who we are and we are passionate about it.  For me personally, I am so fulfilled using my CPA/Consulting experience serving others that focus on such great things.” Stephens said.