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Services & Support


The needs of every nonprofit organization, church, healthcare, government organization are unique – we want to serve you by designing a system that supports you just the way you need it to. At ProSoft Solutions we tailor our services to accomplish just a that. Rather than sales people, we are experienced consultants, technology professionals and CPA’s concerned about meeting your organization’s needs and seeing you succeed.


At ProSoft, our services include:

     Business Process Study

     Professional Consulting, Design & Setup

     Custom Account Training & Ongoing Support


Business Process Study

We will work with you to complete a Business Process Study which will help establish your concerns, needs, challenges, long-term plans, business policies and practices.  We will employ professional analysis, interviews of your staff, evaluation of your system, review of your reports, discussion about your future plans, etc.  This is a vital step to ensure that the system is properly designed and set up the first time and enable us to provide custom training.


Professional Consulting, Design & Setup

Our approach is to help determine the best solution for you based on your unique needs as an organization.

A proper design of your system is critical to getting the reports that you need. Our trained staff can give you assurance that your system will be built according to your needs based on the information you provide to us.

  • We will work with you to develop a comprehensive implementation plan.  This will include schedules, tasks, staffing issues, etc which will essentially provide the roadmap for the entire process ensuring a coordinated, team effort and a smooth implementation process.

  • ProSoft will immediately begin evaluating your data and enter into discussions relating to the conversion of your data (if you desire to convert data).  We will provide the necessary questionnaires and instructions for your staff.  We will work with you to ensure that the data is provided in the proper format and evaluate the integrity of the data.  After the conversion process is set up, we will schedule a specific time to convert the data in order to ensure an efficient transition.  We will request that your staff approve the data submitted to us and also approved the data converted.  We will need your knowledge and assistance in mapping the data into the new system.

  • We will evaluate your existing and/or proposed hardware and network.  We will make recommendations relating to the setup and structure of your system.  At the appropriate time, we will work with you to install the software and test it.

  • After we have an advanced understanding of your business policies and procedures, your needs, and your direction, and you agree with our evaluation, then we will work with you to custom-build the best system to serve long-term.


Custom Account Training

The project manager will carefully plan the training times to coincide closely with the “go-live” date.  Where possible, we will train using your actual database in order to be most effective.  Our goal with training is that your staff be capable of working with the system at the end of training.  We ask that you immediately implement the system after completion of training in order to reinforce the information learned in training – we want you processing invoices and printing checks!



Ongoing Support

Our Nonprofit and Government consultants are highly qualified and have worked extensively in these systems. We possess the skills and the knowledge to assist you when you are in need.

ProSoft Solutions can assist you by using one of the following methods of support:

  • Telephone

  • Email

  • Web

  • Onsite

  • Remote